Saddle Pockets & Medicine Bags

Saddle Pockets

My saddle pockets are about a 7″ x 7″ pocket with a dee ring on the back to tie them down. If you mount these under your rosettes/conchos and then tie them down with the ring, they don’t flop at all. They can be plain or you can get a little tooling on them.

Pockets start at $100

Nick 012

Plain Pockets
$ 100.00
Pockets w/ Border Stamp
$ 140.00
Pockets w/ Basket Stamp
$ 160.00
Add your brand
add $ 30.00

Medicine Bags

I offer different styles of medicine bags. These are designed to mount under the rosettes/conchos of your saddle, then tied down with the dee rings on the back of the pockets. If you are looking for something and can’t find it, I can probably make it for you. No two outfits do things the same way.

This is my new medicine bag. It’s about 8″ x 8″. The medicine bottles are stored upright until you want to use them. That way they don’t leak when not in use. It has a regular pocket on the off side and the bottles are on the on side. These can be made in about any configuration or to hold any size bottle. The one pictured has a 100 ml and a 250 ml bottle.  They now also include a needle holder on the offside pocket that will hold 7 or 8 needles for quick access.

Single drop $150          Double drop $175     ** Tooling is extra **


Trent 008

This is a basic medicine pocket. It doesn’t have the top flap, and the bottles hang upside down for quick use. This one has the regular pocket on the off side, a syringe pouch and a 100ml and 250 ml pockets on the on side. This one can be made to hold any size bottle you want to carry.
Medicinebag004$ 125.00

I also offer “processing pouches”. These are a shoulder strap mount. They work great for doctoring grass cattle or during brandings. The bottles are secure, there is a snap on the back that hooks to a belt loop so it won’t flop and swing around. That way your hands are free for whatever you might need them for (like grabbing that wild calf) and your medicine is always with you. You can also hang these on a chute when you’re processing and pregging. Again, these can be customized for your operation. With or without the holster, and can fit any size of bottle.

Processing Pouch w/ holster
$ 30.00
LA200 Processing Pouch
$ 25.00
Boot Top Bags
I can also make about any type of bag out of your old boot tops.  Prices vary.
Jennifer 001
Cantle Bag
These cantle bags are made from good heavy chap leather and have 2 dee rings on them with a heavy # 10 brass zipper.
$ 50.00

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