We have gift certificates!! Custom leather products make a great gift for any occasion.All of the products at LW Leather are custom made to your specifications. They are made to last, look great and fit right. Most items can be shipped within two weeks of the final order.

***The photo gallery has pictures of some of the items I have made for other customers, and The Mail Bag has a few of their comments.***

To see more information about each of our products click on the links to the left. The chinks and chaps have a lot of options available so don’t hesitate to call or e-mail me with any questions. There is also a measurement chart that will help you get the right measurements so we can make the right fit.


The “Cowboy Essentials” are about anything a cowboy or a horseman might need. Custom made headstalls, nice harness reins, breast collars, spur straps and other tack. I also offer quite a few options in saddle bags and medicine bags. I keep a few headstalls and reins on hand but most of these are custom made for what you need.


We also offer the Plammers (“the handiest fence tool ever”), Plammer pockets, and staple pouches.


The “Other Leather Items” are about anything else made out of leather. Personal items like vests and suspenders, as well as some nice holsters, shu-flys, and just “stuff”.


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