Plammers and Plammer Pockets

We now carry the Plammers. We have the original large Plammer and also the handy little Saddle Plammer. These are a must have for anyone who fixes a lot of fence.

This is the only fence plier I use!

Original Plammer
$ 50.00
Saddle Plammer
$ 45.00

Plammer Pockets

Check out my handy Plammer pockets below. They mount on your saddle, out of the way, easy to get to, and they don’t flop or bounce around. You can get them either plain, or with a little staple pouch that will hold a handful of staples for emergencies.

Plammer Pocket
$ 35.00
Plammer Pocket w/ Staple Pouch
$ 40.00

Staple Pouches

I also offer a little staple pouch that mounts just like the Plammer pocket. It’s small and out of the way and will hold quite a few staples for those long days riding fence.
Staple Pouch
$ 30.00
(Saddle Plammer with separate staple pouch)

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