Headstalls & Reins


There are a lot of options on the headstalls. My plain and work headstalls are made out of good harness leather. The doubled and stitched headstalls are made out of English Bridle Leather with a latigo lining. They can be single adjust, double adjust, browband, sliding ear, futurity knot, or you can add silver buckles…… If you don’t see what you’re looking for contact me and I can help you get what you want.

There are more pictures in the photo gallery.

5/8″ Sliding Ear
$ 25.00
3/4″ Plain Browband
$ 35.00
1″ Plain Browband
$ 40.00
Double Adjust
$ 5.00
Futurity Knot Browband
$ 15.00
Braided Browband
$ 15.00
Doubled and Stitched
$ 20.00
$ 15.00 each

Silver buckles and conchos are available. There are many different styles in just about any price range. Please call or e-mail me and we can get a price worked up for what you’re looking for.

The “Blue” single ear… This is a little deal I came up with since I have a horse that can shake off a single ear faster than you know what’s happening. (good thing he’s not a bronc…) It still shows off their pretty head, but it has a throatlatch. It’s kind of a throw back to the old time one piece headstalls.
Cody015$ 45.00


The reins I offer are a good heavy harness rein with beveled and hand rubbed edges. They have a good weight and feel to them. I usually try to keep a few pairs on hand and ready to ship. I do make roping reins as a special order. Once in a while I can pull some reins that are almost 9′ long, so call if you’re looking for some, I might have them.

1/2″ x 7′
$ 25.00
1/2″ x 8′
$ 30.00
5/8″ x 7′
$ 26.00
5/8″ x 8′
$ 32.00
3/4″ x 7′
$ 27.00
3/4″ x 8′
$ 40.00
Occasionally I can get 9′ reins… $ 50.00. Call me for availability.

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