Options for Chinks

Options for Chinks

The options for the chinks are almost endless. If you have something in mind, I can probably make it work. If you look at the photo gallery you will see some chinks I have made for other people. They will give you a few ideas of what we can do.

Base Price for Chinks
$250.00 (in stock leathers)
Silver buckles and conchos are available.
**Contact us for pricing on the silver**
Leg Fasteners:
Roller buckles
Clips and Dees
Short Zippers
$ 25.00
Additional Options:
Two Initials or Brand
Blood Knots
Spaghetti Fringe
Fringe Border
Basket Stamp
Basket Stamp w/ Brand
2″ Wide Back Belt
2″ Wide Belt w/ Basket Stamp
Two-tone Fringe
“Inside” Pocket
Pocket w/ Flap
Extra Long Fringe–over 6″

If you are looking for something different on the tooling, contact me and I will get a price for you.

Here are a few more examples of some of these options….

Brock_008Two-tone Fringe**
Ron_009(2)Fringe Border**
Joe(1)Armita Style Leg Shield
**Both of these have 8″ fringe
DSC00503Basket Stamp
Jeremy_008Basket w/ Brand
Barbwire2(1)Barbwire/Basket Stamp
Chad_011A little bit of everything…

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