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About Lisa:
My husband and I currently live in the Stapleton, NE area.  I have always loved the ranch life. I enjoy good horses, open country, good working dogs, and good tack.  I started making my own tack several years ago when it got harder and harder to find quality tack for a reasonable price. My tack and leggings are made to last, look good, fit right, and they won’t break the bank.

All of my tack is custom made. I don’t usually have anything “on the shelf” other than some awesome harness reins. I make everything per order, so it is the color, size, shape that you want. There are a lot of options on the leggings, and I haven’t met two people who wanted the same thing yet. If you have an idea, I can probably make it work…..

I stand by my workmanship 100%. If anything comes apart without the help of a major wreck I will repair at no cost to you. If something comes apart because of a major wreck, I will try to repair that also for a cost of $20.00/hour. Most things are pretty fixable within an hour.


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